70’s Artist at 70

My newest work is The Jobutsu Project now in progress. 30 paintings and 30 works on paper. From 8 x 10 inches to 48 x 48 inches. Acrylic on canvas and watercolor and mixed media on paper. The Jobutsu Project summarizes all my work from 1977 from art to spiritual. The definition of Jobutsu is enlightenment in this lifetime. It is a Buddhist term. I am Japanese American with roots in Buddhisim and Shinto on my Mother's side.

I have also worked as a spiritual coach for 12 years teaching people to connect with their guides, angels accessing their intuition to create a more fulfilled life. I have had a live podcast also. My commitment is that each and every human being sees the possibility of being free in this lifetime. 

The colors in this series (palest pinks) are from my experiences with the 12 chakras system, ascension tools such as triple ascension flames from Diana Cooper (The Golden Future) and more recently from Tibetan Lujong Yoga practice.  

I experience true joy in color and line.

Contact: bkiddcalvano@usa.net  Instagram: barbara_kidd_calvano_art

2024 Art

Coming full circle from 1977 to the present creating meditation paintings from female nude sketches as abstract meditative landscapes. Acrylic on Canvas 48 x 48 inches. Smaller works to medium also. 8 x 10 inches.    All the art can be exhibited as one project. 

2000’s Art

Continuing my inquiry of female nude as landscape in meditation.  48 by 48 inches. 48 by 60 inches oil on canvas. Each of these are a series also.

1990’s Art

I also began acting during this time. The Tandra series of 12 pieces 36 by 18 inches oil on canvas. Spirit rising. Tandra from my studies of Siddha Yoga meditation.

1980’s 1970’s Art

In 1977 I arrived from Ohio to New York City as a modern dancer and artist. I began painting more seriously. Living in a loft down on West Broadway I did my female nude abstractions and also a series of autobiographical paintings. They were drawn from small black and white photos taken by my Father.  There is a complete series of both.